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find the best paper for you

Whether for printing on your own printer or in our printing service - the choice of paper can be very confusing due to the large supply. We give you a little guide and the tools to find the right paper.

In the end, the choice of the right paper is a very subjective choice and it is easy to "get bogged down" by the large supply. Except for a few uncoated papers, which you can coat yourself with emulsions, all papers in the category Fine Art Papers are to be printed by inkjet printers. However, the high-quality fine-art papers should already be printed with pigment-based inks of the Fine Art printer.

Limitation based on the technical parameters

In the top category https://www.artidomo.net/fine-art-u.-fotopapiere/ papers of all companies are displayed.
Above are filters that you can use to narrow down the selection piece by piece:

Manufacturer, Price, Grams per QM, available formats, matte, semi matt, pearlescent, glossy, surface finish, single or double sided

After using the filters, your limited favorites remain, which you have filtered based on the above parameters.

Sample books

If you want to get a good overview and also want to experience the papers haptically, the purchase of the largest possible printed pattern books makes sense. We also have a self-made sample book of papers we have in print. This reference always makes sense to find the right paper for your motives.

test sets

A slightly more elaborate variant, but printed with your pictures. Here's our tip, be sure to note the name of the paper right at the back of the print, and store the test prints together in one place. This creates your own sample collection.


For some papers, the manufacturers have made good recognizable close-ups. These somewhat exaggerated features give only a rough overview.